My Charity


“Animal Rescue is not what I do it’s who I am”

Since 2010 I have spent most of my time trying to make life better for man’s best friend. Having lived in Thailand for 5 years & traveled extensively in Asia I have seen more than my fair share of cruelty to animals.

I have seen the illegal dog meat trade up close & it is a disgrace that mankind can allow this exploitation to continue. How we can turn our backs on the inhuman transport & slaughter of millions of dogs every year to supply an illegal trade in meat & fur. Dog meat can now be found in most countries, it finds its way into the food chain, imported from Asia but labeled as something else. The fur & leather from dog skins is also found on your high street as garment trimming or a pair of golf gloves.

I had to do something to help so I set up my own charity to support animal rescue shelters around the world working to stop suffering & give street dog a second chance at life.  It is a never ending challenge but with the help of many animal lovers it goes a small way to improving life for “Man’s Best Friend”.