As a photographer I have taken thousands of images & it seem they should see the light of day. I collated a selection of them for this website. I hope you find something of interest.

About Me

My passion in life is helping Dog’s, I have spent the last few years rescuing them from the streets of Asia & Europe. I run my own charity K9Aid dedicated to helping man’s best friend.

When I’m not doing that I love to take pictures. Much of my portfolio images are of dogs but traveling the world has given me an opportunity to see some amazing places.

Travel Asia

I spent 5 years living in Thailand & whilst there I took the time to visit many of the surrounding countries. I have no desire to visit China or return to Vietnam while the dreadful trade in dog meat continues.

As a long time vegetarian/vegan I find the thought of eating any animal abhorrent. Animals have rights, they are not here to be raised in factory farms just to be slaughtered, it is something I cannot live with. I enjoy my travels in Asia but feel so sorry for the animals & the cruelty they have to endure.



People watching is a hobby of mine & to capture some of the faces is a passion. The happiest people are those that have nothing. They have a real innocence that is hard to find in the west.







Of all the countries in Europe my favorite is Greece, I have made it an annual destination. You can’t beat the Islands for their stark beauty & friendly people. Much as I love Santorini it has became very busy, I prefer Folegandros, a little Santorini without the crowds.